Next Steps

We believe that there are three next steps that we'd love for you to consider as you get connected here at Grace. We believe through Baptism, Membership, and Daily Bible Reading, you can find some practical, tangible steps that will help you grow in your relationship with Christ and with one another. For more information, please click on the corresponding picture below. 

Here at Grace, we believe that baptism is a way to express on the outside, the transformation that Christ has already brought on the inside. This is a powerul and important step in the life of any follower of Jesus. For more information on baptism or how to get started in the process, click the picture above. 

Membership at Grace is a way of committing to what God is doing in this local church family. Though not biblically mandated, we believe that membership can be a great way to find encouragement and support in a church family. For more information on membership or how to get started in the process, click the picture above. 

Here at Grace, we are on the journey of reading a passage from the Old Testament and a passage from the New Testament and journaling using a simple process called REAL. We believe that time in God's word is vital for growing and deepening in our relationship with Him. For more information or to access the daily reading plan, click the picture above.