Get Connected! 

Here at Grace we believe that we were created to share life with others and that it is in the context of relationship that all true spiritual growth occurs. It's why we've created a number of places for you to get connected and find out more about this journey of transformation. Below are some great ways that you can get plugged in at Grace.

Grace Kids

We believe kids hold a special place in the heart of Jesus. We're passionate about creating safe, fun enviornments for kids to learn more about Jesus and how to share His love in their world. We offer quality kid's ministry starting from birth through grade 6. Our passion is to help kids experience the incredible grace and mercy of Jesus. To learn more about our kids ministry, click the picture above. 

Grace Student Community

Grace Student Community is the part of the Grace family that specifically focuses on Students 7th-12th grade.  We call ourselves a community, because we choose to be a place where we are learning together how to love God and our neighbors.  We do this through weekly meetings, activities, and interaction with the greater church body.  To learn more about our student community, click the picture above. 


Here at Grace we offer a number of Grace Groups to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus. Groups meet throughout the year and are designed to help you experience the transforming joy of Jesus Christ in the context of safe and authentic communities. Programs are offered for everyone with the singular focus of helping you grow as a follower of Jesus.


We believe that the love of Jesus is a gift that is simply too big to keep to ourselves. We are deeply committed to the call of Jesus to go and love others. There are a number of ways to fulfill that call both by serving within the church and in our community.